11. August 2007

Go hunting!

No, don't worry! I'm not asking you to go out and hunt animals. Being a vegan I would never ever do that. Well, at least not with a gun. Maybe with a camera...

Right now I'm not hunting animals with my camera, right now I'm hunting books. Most of you probably know about BookCrossing. Back in 2003 I was all into it, but never caught a book. Four years later I still haven't, but I'm now thinking about tracking down those that are left in a geocache. Geocaching sounds like so much fun! I know close to nothing about it and actually I don't have time do research now, because I really need to be studying.
Hmmh, maybe I'll try just one time with our TomTom? I already got my friend Johanna exited about the idea as well (sort of). She usually is really into hunting mushrooms, but loves books too, so there you go.


Did you know that Germany is the second largest country to release books into the wild? Right after the US and before the UK! So, if I can't go hunting I will at least release a few.
So far I only released two books. One in 2003, which seemed to have disappeared (I hope it's still alive and sitting in someones bookshelf) and one yesterday. Three more are all ready to go, I just have to find good places for their release.

Oh, crafting... I crocheted a flower, but I can't find it and it's not that pretty anyway. You know: I really need to be studying! - Boy, I suck at studying!

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