14. Oktober 2007

Finally: Some fabric and a doggy bag!

Okay, the title is all wrong. It's not some fabric, it's a lot! We spend actually about two hours in the store and I could have stayed even longer, but it got really crowded in the end and I already had bought too much.

First up are some fabrics I bought for a baby blanket:

I love the snail fabric. When I saw it I knew I wanted to use it for the blanket. All the other fabrics were chosen afterwards. And the little bird fabric was actually not supposed to be part of it. I just really wanted it too and when I came home and folded up all the fabrics I noticed that it would probably look quite good with the rest. What do you think?
I am not sure what kind of pattern I'll be using. Any suggestions? I don't think I want plain squares, but I don't want anything too complicated either.

Next up:

I want to use these to make a Note Taker. Yes, you heard me right. I finally bought the pattern at Pink Chalk Studio. I've been eyeing it for months and now it's mine!

I believe I'll have to make some changes to it since our paper writing pads are not the same size, but I guess it will work out fine. Also I can't get Timtex around here so I have to use something else. Kathy and two of her friends gave me some very useful advice on what to look for (thank you again!), but of course I would also like to hear what you would suggest.

Then I also had to have some of these. Just because...

Oh, and the one with the red and white stripes is actually Johanna's (to be used for hearts), just like these two which will become a nice big pillow case someday.

I told you we bought a lot! (Yes Johanna, you didn't, it was just me.)

Guess what! I already sewed something. And guess what else! I didn't use any of the new fabrics.

This here was long overdue. My friend's daughter was supposed to get a bag for a long time. She chose the fabrics for it way back. I sewed it this morning and gave it to her already. I think she likes it.

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SissySees hat gesagt…

Of course she likes it! It's red, it has a cute dog pattern... what's not to love?!

You truly have an eye for lovely fabrics, not that I know a thing about them!