29. Dezember 2007

It's been nice!

Christmas has been very nice. We spent some time with my parents and my grandmother on the 24th, sitting by their fire place, eating and chatting.We drove to C's parents in Stralsund the next day and spent the 26th at home. My parents came over for dinner.(The butterfly hibernation house from Johanna found a place on the window sill until my dad will set it up in the yard. I think it makes a very cute Christmas decoration.)For dessert we had Chocolate Stout Cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World. They were really yummy, but we were already stuffed with Isas's Pizza (the best pizza on earth!), so we had some leftofers. (Did I ever mention here before that you should go and buy all of Isa's and Terry's books? Well, you should!)

Oh, guess what I got for Christmas! A new camera and it's soooo great! I love it.

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Lovely photos!