26. Juli 2007


About two years ago, when a friend of mine was pregnant, I was searching on the internet for "Waldorf Dolls". That's when I came about the website Puppenwiege and found the most lovely handemade dolls I'd seen so far. Unfortunately it is not easy to actually get one of them and so I decided last summer to follow Michele's recommendation and tried to make a simple version myself. (I found really helpful instructions in this (German) book.) I had so much fun making the very first doll (the one in the top right corner) and was so very fond of her that I decided to keep her to myself and make another one for that soon to come baby of my friend. You can't see that in the picture, but my doll has no legs, she is sort of in a sleeping bag. I decided to try one with legs and after that one was done, it looked so completely different from the first that I wanted to see what would come out after that. In the end I made four more dolls - all of them very unique in their character. After my friend's baby was born and a couple of weeks old, we let her "choose" one of the dolls. She decided on the very soft one in pink (without the pig tails). The rest of the group found nice places as well.
After being so successful at my first tries, I wanted to make a "real" and bigger doll, too. One you could put clothes on, one without a stitched on night-cap, one with hair. Let me tell you that that was a real desaster. I was not happy with the body of the doll, but was determined to keep finishing it and I spent hours on stitching on the hair! The result was so ugly, that the poor thing ended up in the garbage.
If I ever make another doll it will certainly be one like the ones above.

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