12. Juli 2007


... I took some pictures of the skirts. First up is a detail of the blue skirt. I added a little flag to the side. You can see it on the second picture too, if you look closely but the hydrangea sort of blends into it. This is the skirt that I'll send to a very special and extremely generous person very soon. Next up is the second skirt for my mom. It's a bit shorter than the other one. I have to say again how much I like the pattern (it is this one by the way) but I also have to say that getting the zipper in the right way wasn't so easy after all. The first time I did that I must have been just lucky. Well, it's not really difficult but I had some trouble with the blue skirt ... and I didn't even notice it until I was done. Then I saw (or should I say got told by my boyfriend (!)), that the ends of the zipper didn't match up. I had to undo all my finishing seams and start over. Argh!

As I said a picture of the third skirt will have to wait a while but then again... it looks just like the other ones - except for its color!

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