9. November 2007

Hip, hip, hoo'ray!

Yesterday I had my second oral exam and it went nice, even better than the first one. Minutes before it started I thought that I hardly knew anything I learned, but then the exam started off with my favorite subject and both of my profs were so nice that it all went smoothly from there. I'm so happy, I can't stop smiling! I really wish all my exams would go like this one...
Another thing I'm really happy about is the fact that my first pair of fingerless gloves is all done. This pair will be a gift for my boyfriend's sister. I started on a second pair for myself, but had to frog it (didn't like the pattern). My mom and a friend would also like a pair so I better get busy - it's getting cold around here! WIP pictures coming as soon as I found nice patterns!

And then there is yet another totally awesome thing I found out about on Moonstitches! She put up a tutorial for the cutest Zakka Style Owl Pennant ever which is part of this very cool thing:
Go check out this great idea from Karen aka Cotton Spice!

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YowlYY hat gesagt…

I just noticed your post (haven't been surfing the blogs for a bit) and would like to say congratulations for passing the exam!!! Not long now and all will be over...fingers crossed!