12. November 2007

I made a sweater!

But only a tiny one. A Baby Yoda Sweater.
My Stitch 'n Bitch book was put to good use. Mattress stitch, fake grafting, i-cord,... I got to try it all.
I made some modifacations to the pattern since I wanted the sweater to match the striped hat I had made for the little baby girl a while ago. I think it came out pretty well and I'm eager to try some more challenging things.

Right now I'm working on my pair of fingerless gloves though and they are not exactly what you would call challenging, but they seem to fit nicely and look alright too. I used pretty much the same pattern as last time, but casted on only 33 stitches. No cables, instead some stripes. (Can you tell that I bought way too much Debbie Bliss? When will it come to an end?!)

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torrance hat gesagt…

The sweater is really cute! And i think the colors in your handwarmers look really cute together