17. März 2008

Pillow Talk!

I love the Doris Day movie (but I love all Doris Day movies). Just so you know.I have been sewing some pillow during the last couple of days. The first one for Johanna who bought the fabric for it ages ago and actually had already forgotten about it, so that was a nice surprise (or maybe a bit embarrassing... depending on how you look at it).I also made some for the shop. I won't be too sad though should these not get sold, cause I really really like them a lot. I think these two would look good in our bedroom or our living room.I don't have a place for the one with the cherries yet, but hopefully that will change someday.Can you imagine my Happy Mushroom was on the front page of Etsy? Me neither. When I saw how many people had looked at it I thought there was a mistake at first, but then I found out about the treasury list. Whoa, exiting! If you want to have a look at it you can see it here on curiosity killed the cat. (Thank you so much for adding me!)Edited: I wasn't too happy with the first pics I took of the pillows so Hanna and I had a little photo shoot in her kitchen. Thank you so much, Hanna. I think it was worth it. Your kitchen is perfect!

2 Kommentare:

Curiosity Killed The Cat...! hat gesagt…

So glad you got so many views. Good luck with selling your lovely Happy mushroom!

Rach x

Ciyou hat gesagt…

Thats so lovely. I love how u mix and match the fabric together.