11. März 2008

Thank you, Sandrine!

Wow, I don't know why I'm always so lucky with my swaps or at least with the ones I actually receive, because I've been flaked on too. Twice. Swaps like these make up for that though!

Sandrine and I met on flickr. That sounds strange, doesn't it? I think she commented on one of my pics and then it developed from there. We found out that we have a very similar taste. So similar it was kind of scary. We thought a swap would be perfect and it is! At least for me, because here are all the goodies I got:Sandrine made me a beautiful tissue case and a tape measure. She also made me a matching card. And then she sent me tons of buttons!
Quite a few more sewing goodies came in a pouch made of Little Red Ridinghood fabric! I think the apple trim was handstamped. So cute!Last but not least there were fabrics! Lots of yummy fabric scraps!
I couldn't say what I like best. Everything is amazing and I'm so happy, Sandrine! THANK YOU!!! Your package is in the mail. Want a sneak peak? This is all I can show you right now.

2 Kommentare:

Unknown hat gesagt…

You're welcome my dear ;-) I'm happy you loved it ! And I'm happy to know you ;-) I'm impatient to receive the one you prepared for me ahahahaha ! Smooch

Anonym hat gesagt…

Great swap! No, meeting on flickr doesn't sound strange at all..... :) Mette