9. Juni 2008

L.A.,CA - Aqua Caliente,CA - Las Vegas,NV

Keeping it short...

Day 1:
Flew to L.A. (rather long and boring), picked up the rental car, drove to Aqua Caliente, CA (brand new hotel and casino, special offer, super low rates: perfect!), gambeled a bit (lost $2), fell into our bed, woke up in the middle of the night, couldn't go back to sleep for over two hours, finally did. No pictures taken! Stupid me!

Day 2:
Drove through Joshua Tree National Park, took a little hike, saw our first lizard (took a picture but the lizard was way too fast), visited the Cholla Cactus Garden. Took more pictures (lots more!).
Hardly saw any joshua trees, left the park, drove along some lonely roads, saw tons of joshua trees, wildflowers and beautiful butterflies.
Reached Vegas later than planned, checked in our hotel (West Wing at MGM Grand), were exhausted, fell asleep.

Day 3:
Had breakfast at our hotel, stood in line for a marriage license with quite a few other couples, didn't get married in a chapel but in the office of the Comissioner of Civil Mariages (not very romantic but still very exiting), went to have lunch in a vegetarian Chinese restaurant, had it all to ourself (not because C. rented it just for us - like we like to pretend now that we heard someone say that in a talk show), stopped at Ronald's Donuts where we bought vegan donuts like there was no tomorrow, headed back to the hotel, rested for a bit, went to the casino, gambled a bit, went to Paris (because that's where we got engaged last year... Paris, France that is!), gambled a bit more (lost $150 and won them back with the very last dollar we were willing to put into the machine).Spent quite a bit of money to get our picture to show up up there... kinda outrageous! (Oh, who am I kidding?!)

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SissySees hat gesagt…

Congrats!! I have two friends who wed in Vegas, and they are very happy with a great life. Hoping the same for you.

Süßstoff hat gesagt…

That sounds good... I'll take it! Thank you so much, Channon!