26. Juni 2008

Las Vegas, NV - Victorville, CA - L.A., CA

Day 23:
Woke up to lots of sunshine, couldn't wait to get to back on the road. Drove along some pretty roads all the way to Death Valley N.P., enjoyed the heat until we took a short walk through the sand dunes and I thought my feet were on fire, were really thankful for our air condition inside the car. Drove to the visitor centor, watched the movie and looked at the exibiton, explored the park a bit more (definitely a favorite now!).Left in the late afternoon to get to Las Vegas, saw some casino road signs just minutes later and thought it was like at the beginning of our trip (got kind of sad 'cause that wasn't the case).Reached Vegas, checked into The Signature at MGM (the best hotel on our trip - the most expensive too), said good bye to our road trip.Went gambling and wished we didn't afterwards.

Day 24:
Stayed in our hotel room until check-out time, went shopping for the last time, had lunch at a wonderful Indian restaurant, bought tons of vegan donuts, left Vegas, drove to Victorville, checked into a hotel for the last time.

Day 25:
Packed our suitcases (which took forever), cleaned out the car, drove to L.A., returned our rental car, went to the airport, had to wait quite a while, flew back home!

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