1. Juli 2008

Summer is back!

I'm so glad it is and I hope it stays here for a while! I love blue skies! It doesn't even have to be hot... just a little sunshine is all I need.I almost forgot that I meant to show you the wedding announcements: I bought all the supplies for the cards at Paper Source in San Francisco. It's amazing how many color coordinated stuff they have! I had a hard time choosing the perfect one.

I had a lot of help from Johanna with making them and am really pleased how they turned out. The monogram was done by Lucky Designs. I like it a lot and am thinking about getting it turned into a rubber stamp (just our names and the dots).C and me decided to add a cd with some of our road trip music after we saw something similar in Martha Stewart's wedding issue. C had the idea of using LightScribe to do the cover. On their homepage I found a printable mailer which I used as a template for the cd cases. Then it was back to Martha for the ribbon and label idea.
My favorite song from the cd right now would be Ingrid Michaelson with The Way I Am:

And while you are at it, please listen to another song of hers... Far away... It's awesome as well!

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