8. Februar 2008


I kind of were when I came back from a very unpleasant visit to the dentist yesterday (two teeth missing). I could have really needed some dessert but of course that was out of the question right then. Instead I got cheered up by a wonderful RAK from the amazing Charlie aka Purl City. A knitting magazine, lots of chocolote (by the time I took the pic today one was already mysteriously missing), more of those great love hearts and two chocolatey books. So nice!And there was also this: Beautiful stitch markers! All you knitters need to head over to her shop. She really has the most gorgeous colors for her yarn and I'm sure she'd be happy to make some vegan yarn as well (I already have some, remember?). Just a while back I also received another RAK from YowlYY. Which also arrived at just the right time and really made my day! Two knitting magazines with great extras!
Today when I really needed even more sugar, I received my "Vegan Goodies" swap package from Sweden. Helena sent me very cool stuff (the little piece of sandalwood soap I got as well is already in the bathroom making it smell very nice!) and a recipe for a mushroom risotto that sounds very yummy... I think my teeth (or the places were my teeth were) would like something creamy as risotto right now! They also were very much okay with the Nöt-Crème, which as you can see was already opened by me. I had no trouble eating that and I love it! I think Johanna will have to bring me tons of it when she goes to Sweden the next time.

Yeah, I'm lucky! Thank you so much, Carlie, YowlYY and Helena. You really know how to cheer someone up!!!

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Steffi hat gesagt…

hey, I'm in that swap too :)
I hope your teeth (or not so much teeth any more) will be better soon!