12. September 2007


My sewing machine will be gone until next Tuesday. I can't believe it. Why now?
I started to knit my first socks with the yarn from Fauveline. It's going really slowly. I don't know why. Maybe I'm not so happy with the color I chose after all, but "blackberry" sounded great and it looked good while on the skein. Maybe it's because I have to get used to knitting with four strands or maybe it's because right now I would much rather sew! There are so many things on my list. A very good friend of mine will have her baby soon and I promised to sew a "Nappy Bag". A friend of a friend asked me to sew a pillow for her little boy that he can take to kindergarden and I want to sew something for my "Vegan Pal".
Right, that's the good news. The matches for Vegan Pal 2 were made and I'm pretty sure I got two great pals. The one I'm sending my magic yarn ball to has a very nice blog and I believe we have a lot in common. I already have lots of ideas on what to choose for her. Too bad I can't say any more. My other pal, the one who will send me something, is obviously secret, but I got contacted by her and she seems so very thoughtful. It's gonna be great!

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