28. September 2007

Getting ready!

The packages for Vegan Pal 2 are supposed to be in the mail by October 15th. Since there are so many other things going to happen in October I figured it would be good to have my package ready as soon as possible. I spent a lot of time on my pal's blog (a very nice one, but I can't tell you which one it is) and tried to figure out what she might like. Yesterday I bought the last thing I wanted to add and this morning I sewed this little box:
It's holding my sock project right now, because if I'd post a picture of the way it is going to look when I'm sending it out, my pal would definitely know that it's hers. (There is one very distinctive thing peeking out of the magic yarn ball!)
I got the idea for the fabric box from the Norwegian book "Tildas Hus". I had wanted to sew one of those for a long time, but never got around it. Now I definitely need one for myself. My sock project looks as if it feels quite comfy in there...The possibilites for variations of this box are endless and it's very easy to adjust the measurements to what you need. Even though this was my first box I had no trouble changing the size to "will hold a small knitting project" and "will hold all the things you want to send your vegan pal"! Nice!

3 Kommentare:

Anonym hat gesagt…

That box is beautiful!

torrance hat gesagt…

I love the fabric box!
And the yarn you're using for your socks looks awsome!

SissySees hat gesagt…

A great place for me to comment upon how much I adore my package! I'll send you a proper email and blog later this evening, but truly, I am touched, thrilled and otherwise delighted with my wonderful package!!

I think the box shall hold my at home work in progress too...