23. September 2007

That was quick!

Last night when I was done studying I felt the urge to do something while watching tv... and it wasn't knitting socks. So instead I got out my Debbie Bliss "Pure Cotton" and found a nice pattern for a baby hat in my Lucinda Guy's book . I had to make some changes to it though, because my yarn was way thicker than it was supposed to and I didn't like the huge flower within the pattern. The rest was easy peasy.
Within three hours the hat was done. I really like that Lucinda's patterns are so simple and yet still do not look boring at all. I especially fell for the crocheted border.The yarn was really nice to knit with and it feels very soft and warm plus I also think it looks a bit as if it's partly angora. I can't wait to knit more with it!

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