5. August 2008

A winner and a big thank you!

C enjoyed being the important person to draw the lucky winner when he came home from work last night. He turned it into a big show and I wish you could have seen it too (very entertaining!). In the end he finally managed to draw one piece of paper from the bowl and it's emma (emsan)!!! I'll make sure to get your little package on its way as soon as possible, Em! Now I need to thank each and every one of you! Your suggestions are deeply appreciated!
I am in the middle of trying to put your ideas to practice. The suggestion to add some less expensive items, which came from quite a few of you, is probably a very good one!!! I already have something in mind. Let's see how that will turn out.
I don't think I'll be able to lower the prices in general. Of course I do love to sew and it does bring a lot of joy but unfortunately fabrics, thread, buttons, zippers, a.s.o. are fairly expensive in Germany and I'd really like to make some profit too... just to make up for all the time I spend on every single item and just so I can buy more fabris and sewing supplies actually.
Once I'll add some more items I'll most definitely start to use different categories and if I should actually have a creative moment I might even come up with better names for the things I make.
To list items as often as possible is probably another very good advice... at least that's what I read now in some forums too! I never thought of listing one item at a time but that way of course one will be easier to be found during searches.

I hope to get it all fixed within this month and will probably post about it once its done. Thanks bunches! You all rock!

1. August 2008


I really am overwhelmed by all your responses to my last post!!! First of all it sets a new record (regarding the numer of comments and I really could get used to that!) and then I really like all your thoughtful ideas and suggestions! I'm definitely going to consider each and every one of them. I'm already working on some things I'm going to change/add.
All of your comments are very helpful to me! Thank you so much for taking the time and sharing your thoughts!I now do remember why I didn't have more giveaways on here. The thought that just one of you will be rewarded for her efforts is not a very nice one! Unlike last time I unfortunetly won't be able to change my guidelines and can't sent something to everybody who participated (6 people where much easier to handle back then).Time to show you what exactly you could win, I guess. I decided to keep one item a surprise though. I hope you'll like these as much as I liked your comments... keep them coming! You still have until Sunday night!