26. Oktober 2008


About two weeks ago C and me were looking for a little flat for me near my new school. At first it looked as if I wouldn't find anything really close by but then I got super lucky and found the most perfect one. Just like that!
I didn't take any pictures yet because the first time we looked at it I didn't bring my camera and the second time we were busy moving all my furniture. Nothing can stop me next time though (PLEASE let it be a sunshiney day!)!Anyway, since I'll only be living there for 18 months I want to keep it simple. Most of the rooms have just been painted and I'll keep them as they are but I don't think I can live with the hallway and the living room colors. While I have made up my mind on what to do with the living room I am not at all sure on what to do with the hallway. It's now reddish and beige and has a bordure on it. So turning it to white will probably take multiple layers of paint. Not an option for me right now!
Instead I'm torn between red + aqua or red, orange + pink like this cute little suitcase I received from Kaatje in our swap:Boy, this is tough! I keep looking at other blogs and pictures on flickr and there are sooo many combinations I'd like. What shall I do?

23. Oktober 2008

Ch... ch... change!!!

Are you still there?! (Insert deep sigh here) I don't know where to start! It's been quite a while since my last post and a lot has happened during that time. Plans were made, were revised, new plans were made.
Summing it up it would probably go something like that: C and me finally (after months and months of (re-)consideration) signed the contract and will begin to build a house this winter.Then I also got notice that I can start my internship at a school on Monday, November the 3rd. The school is (a bit) further away than what I had wished for so I'll be moving to a (super awesome!) flat the weekend before that and will only come home on weekends and during my vacations.These two big undertakings kept us busy during the last weeks. Looking at show houses, talking to people at the bank, deciding on the layout of our new house, looking at kitchens, looking for a flat near my new school, buying furniture, ... there was a lot to do and think about!

Unfortunately me starting to work at a school also meant that I had to say bye to my beloved "job": taking care of little Pandabär.And since I don't know how much spare time and energy I'll have for sewing it also means shutting down my Etsy store (at least for now). I suppose even if I get to sew a lot, I'll be working on stuff for my little flat and the new house most of the time.

So, a lot has changed in my life and I think this blog might change a bit too during the next months. I predict lots of school talk and of course I'll also be talking a lot about wall colors and kitchen tiles and furniture and so on in the near future even though all these decisions have to be made when all the big stuff is already done. Let's hope it goes well!