24. März 2008

Happy Easter?

A bright blue sky with lots of sunshine on Sunday. Someone enjoyed this immensely. Me too. A few gifts for some very special friends.
Good food. Like maple cupcakes with frosting and sugared walnuts from "Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World". Yum.We had a good time.

19. März 2008

As usual!

Finally I'm getting ready for Easter (or spring in general). I think I'm a little late... as usual.The first thing I always get out of the drawers is this table runner. It's a Gerda Bengtsson design. The first and only kit I ever bought. It was so expensive but I had to have it. And I love it... still... even though by now I know I could have done a better job on the backside. Oh well, it's a treasury for me... and who looks at the back anyway?!

17. März 2008

Pillow Talk!

I love the Doris Day movie (but I love all Doris Day movies). Just so you know.I have been sewing some pillow during the last couple of days. The first one for Johanna who bought the fabric for it ages ago and actually had already forgotten about it, so that was a nice surprise (or maybe a bit embarrassing... depending on how you look at it).I also made some for the shop. I won't be too sad though should these not get sold, cause I really really like them a lot. I think these two would look good in our bedroom or our living room.I don't have a place for the one with the cherries yet, but hopefully that will change someday.Can you imagine my Happy Mushroom was on the front page of Etsy? Me neither. When I saw how many people had looked at it I thought there was a mistake at first, but then I found out about the treasury list. Whoa, exiting! If you want to have a look at it you can see it here on curiosity killed the cat. (Thank you so much for adding me!)Edited: I wasn't too happy with the first pics I took of the pillows so Hanna and I had a little photo shoot in her kitchen. Thank you so much, Hanna. I think it was worth it. Your kitchen is perfect!

16. März 2008

Mass Production!

A friend asked me to sew a couple of lavender sachets for her. She provided the fabric (which I coincidentally own too). I don't think I have ever made so many identical things before... and it wasn't as bad as I expected. I actually like how the end result looks. That's why I decided to make some for my shop as well.

13. März 2008

Giving it a shot!

Almost a year ago I set up my Etsy shop. I had the intention of selling some items online, but instead I just started to shop there (which is a lot of fun too!).
Today I decided to finally give selling a try. I don't know how it will go, but I'm really looking forward to this new experience.

Let me announce:

The shop is open! Yaaaay!

12. März 2008

Coaster Love!

Since Sandrine received her part of our swap today, it's safe to show the coasters I made for her. I love sewing these, but it always takes me ages to figure out which fabrics I should use. When Sandrine mentioned that she had just discovered and fallen in love with Tilda fabrics, but didn't have any yet, my task got a little easier all of a sudden.

11. März 2008

Kind of lazy!

I had the shirt lying around for a while and I knew from the start what I wanted to do with it, but I couldn't bring myself to get started. Now that it's done I don't know why I waited so long, because it was so much fun to make another freezer paper stencil. Luckily I purchased the shirt in a rather large size so the little recipient will still be able to wear it for a while... and hopefully turn into a Pippi fan just like her mom!

Thank you, Sandrine!

Wow, I don't know why I'm always so lucky with my swaps or at least with the ones I actually receive, because I've been flaked on too. Twice. Swaps like these make up for that though!

Sandrine and I met on flickr. That sounds strange, doesn't it? I think she commented on one of my pics and then it developed from there. We found out that we have a very similar taste. So similar it was kind of scary. We thought a swap would be perfect and it is! At least for me, because here are all the goodies I got:Sandrine made me a beautiful tissue case and a tape measure. She also made me a matching card. And then she sent me tons of buttons!
Quite a few more sewing goodies came in a pouch made of Little Red Ridinghood fabric! I think the apple trim was handstamped. So cute!Last but not least there were fabrics! Lots of yummy fabric scraps!
I couldn't say what I like best. Everything is amazing and I'm so happy, Sandrine! THANK YOU!!! Your package is in the mail. Want a sneak peak? This is all I can show you right now.

8. März 2008

Hop, hop, hop!

I love quick projects like these. A cute and unique result within minutes... Well, if you can decide on the motif that fast that is!

2. März 2008

First Strawberry!

For someone's first day at kindergarten. Again inspired by the Japanese magazine "Café Special, Vol. 2, Linen & Cotton". I made it a little wider than the pattern suggested so you'll be able to stuff a bento box inside.
And to make it a bit more colorful I added a strawberry, using the same fabric as for the lining: the wonderful checkered one I received from Mette.
I never used rick rack this way before and I love it. I thought it would be difficult to do this but no, not at all... or maybe I was just lucky trying it the first time.