31. Januar 2009


This is as creative as it gets around here these days. First no time and now I'm not feeling too good. My nose is trying to kill me and my throat might try to help. Sigh! I think my sewing machine will have to wait until Easter.

23. Januar 2009

Cute stuff!

Sometimes you need some cheering up and then you receive the greatest stuff in the mail from a super sweet person!This totally makes me smile!

3. Januar 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

Our New Year's Eve was pretty good. Not that exciting but quite relaxing. With some Schmalzkuchen I made. (I used the same recipe as here for the dough but added a little bit of extra sugar, cut them into little rectangles, let them rise again and fried them in sunflower oil for a few minutes).They turned out so yummy that even my Dad (who is my worst critic) asked for a second (and third) serving.We watched some TV, had a nice dinner and played Coloretto for hours.We met our neighbors on the street at midnight to wish them a Happy New Year and headed back inside quickly because it was really really cold.

School is going to start again on Wednesday and I'll spend my last couple of days off with reading books about teaching German to 1st graders. Such an interesting subject but also a sort of scary idea to be responsible for this very first and super important year... I want to do it right!