26. Oktober 2008


About two weeks ago C and me were looking for a little flat for me near my new school. At first it looked as if I wouldn't find anything really close by but then I got super lucky and found the most perfect one. Just like that!
I didn't take any pictures yet because the first time we looked at it I didn't bring my camera and the second time we were busy moving all my furniture. Nothing can stop me next time though (PLEASE let it be a sunshiney day!)!Anyway, since I'll only be living there for 18 months I want to keep it simple. Most of the rooms have just been painted and I'll keep them as they are but I don't think I can live with the hallway and the living room colors. While I have made up my mind on what to do with the living room I am not at all sure on what to do with the hallway. It's now reddish and beige and has a bordure on it. So turning it to white will probably take multiple layers of paint. Not an option for me right now!
Instead I'm torn between red + aqua or red, orange + pink like this cute little suitcase I received from Kaatje in our swap:Boy, this is tough! I keep looking at other blogs and pictures on flickr and there are sooo many combinations I'd like. What shall I do?

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emve hat gesagt…

Red, orange + pink... fun! ;o)

emve hat gesagt…

You've been tagged in my blog (again)! ;-)