3. August 2007


I think it started way back when I saw some crocheted flowers at Charlotta's. I thought that they would look nice on a dress or maybe make a nice accessoire on some doll's clothes I was knitting at the time (I'll show those some other time). I didn't get started on them because the sewing fever got really bad around here and I couldn't think of anything else at that time. Then I saw the beautiful things over at Moonstitches and one thing led to another. My friend got a knitted dish-cloth as a present from a friend and I was like "How can someone make something so pretty for doing the dishes?!" Obviously I was missing a trend here! Yesterday I finally ended up on Emily's Yarn Miracle where I read about the Dish Rag Tag and I got really exited. As usual I was too late to sign up, but reading all these nice ideas and looking at lots of patterns for dish-clothes, checking out lots of other blogs, I all of a sudden just had to start crocheting. And so I did. It's not the right time for big projects, because I definately should be busy studying, but a little dish-cloth? The first one is finished and I think I wanna make some more... and crochted flowers are in the center of my attention again, too!

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