4. November 2007

Halfway there!

I finished my first fingerless glove! Knitting this one was really fun. I got to use my brand new pink stitch markers which I got from YowlYY - so very cool! For a second I was thinking that maybe I should knit them into the glove, because they looked so nice. And then I also thought that I need more stitch markers. I really do! Of course I also will have to knit more projects that ask for stitch markers, so it would be reasonable...

Pattern: SWTC Fingerless Gloves
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton, 1 1/2 balls
Needles: bamboo, size 4,5 (US 7)
Modifications: None, at least I didn't change anything on purpose. Maybe I added some extra rounds? Mine looks a bit longer than the originals.
If I'd knit these again, I would make some changes to the pattern. I don't like the "cabled pyramid" too much. You can't see this in the picture, but the cables have different lengths. Only the two in the middle go up all the way.
Also I'd probably cast on only 36 instead of 40 stitches, when using the same yarn.

Let's see when I'll be done with the second one. I don't have enough yarn left and therefore had to order some.
Meanwhile I'll start a second pair - I just have to decide on a pattern.

3 Kommentare:

YowlYY hat gesagt…

I love the way it looks and may give it a go as well, as I've been asked for fingerless mittens as a present. Thanks for posting the pattern, and nice to hear that the stitch markers have already been put to use ;-)
Happy knitting!

torrance hat gesagt…

Looks very good! Great job

Anonym hat gesagt…

Liebe Nicole, ich freue mich schon darauf, mir die Handschuhe von dir vorfuehren zu lassen, sobald ich wieder fit bin. Sie sehen wirklich toll aus! Alles Liebe, Hanna.