4. Dezember 2007


We were in Denmark on my birthday. After breakfast in bed, we drove downtown and I treated myself to a skein of beautiful Swedish yarn: Karen Noe - Linea When we returned from our vacation and after I had my third (horrible) exam I got this from two of my friends and it cheered me right back up: (Can you guess what it is?)
It's a Swedish butterfly hibernation house! Even much cuter in reality. (Excuse the crappy picture! I'll take a better one once this little house has found its final destination in our yard.)

I was also spoilt with a huge amount of fabric from another friend. (She also got me the cutest Advent calendar, but I'm not able to take a good looking picture of it... not even close.)
And then I got a gift certificate to my very favorite fabric store in the world from yet another wonderful friend. I can't wait to go there and I most definately will before Christmas...

I'm really lucky that I have so many friends who know exactly my taste. Thank you so much you all - you couldn't have made me any happier!

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Gern geschehen! Jeder hat die Freunde, die er verdient!!!!!