3. Januar 2008

The year is off to a good start!

My Winter Wonderland Coffee Swap package arrived today! My upstream partner is no longer a secret. It's Karin from KnitRMusic. I think it is usually kind of hard to communicate with a swap partner as long as one of them is unknown, but I didn't have that feeling with Karin at all. She sent really nice e-mails the whole time and even thought of my birthday and sent a very cute e-card for that.

Both of us were kind of shocked when we found out how much we'd have to spent on shipping. I figured that it's all the coffee's fault, so I suggested to Karin to leave it out and send something lighter, but she said she "had to include coffe since it is a coffee swap". I think she is right there and I love her choices (Kahlúa Vanilla Creme + Cinnamon Hazelnut) as well as the way she compromised by sending those cute small packages.
Now here is all I got:

A falafel mix, soy nuts, two 100% ethically traded chocolate bars, a cute note card, an issue of adorn and two skeins of Maizy!
For real! I'm now the proud owner of Maizy yarn. The colorway is called Night Shades and I think it's perfect for some winter socks. Karin was kind enough to include a pattern for some ruffled socks and I might give those a try (they look very cute, but a bit complicated too. I'm not sure if I can knit them...)
The Adorn magazine is so cool! My favorite project is this stocking. I'd love to try to make one in time for next Christmas. I hope I don't forget about it. Cute, isn't it?
Now this is actually just an advertisment, but I still like it so much. Great fabrics! I'm glad we don't have them here or I'd want them all. But wait a minute... I actually saw the one in the middle at Charlotta's a while ago. Maybe she could get me the others as well?! Oh, I'm just kidding... no, I think I'm not, but I could MAYBE restrict myself to the matryoshka fabric...
Thank you very very much, Karin! What a very nice package!!! It really made my day!

Oh and by now I can also tell you who my downstream partner was, because she got my package and the little teaser already as well: Anne of The Bag Lady and The Pro.
Swapping is just so much fun for me these days and I really have been so lucky with all my upstream and downstream partners. Any other swap I could join? I need to check!

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kgmiller hat gesagt…

Nicole, I am glad your package finally arrived -- and I am pleased that you like everything. I had a great time choosing the items for your swap package. Happy Knitting and Crafting!

torrance hat gesagt…

Wow, that does seem like a damn good start to a new year :)