27. Juli 2008

A Giveaway!

I just realized that I missed my blog anniversary, my 100th post and even my 15oth post! Since my last (and only) giveaway was ages ago I figured another one was more than due. I really want to thank everybody who ever commented here and also every silent reader I might have. (I'm not a frequent commentor myself but there are a lot of blogs I enjoy on an almost daily basis and I'm glad there are so many creative people out there which inspire me and keep me going!)Now here's the idea:
All you need to do to be entered into the drawing is check my Etsy store and then come back and leave me some constructive feedback or give me some advice on what to change or tell me the selling-strategy that works best for you. Anything goes! I swear I won't take it personally. You may keep it short if you prefer to do that.
What do you get for all your effort?!
The chance to win some strawberry goodies! This little bag and some other cute things I'll put inside. I already have three items I'll include but I'm also waiting for something else I ordered. For now you'll have to believe me that it's awesomley cute stuff but I may upload a picture once I got it all together! You can only enter into the contest once (even though I'll appreciate each and every feedback you might want to leave me at any time!) and it is important that you comment here and NOT on flickr to be entered into the drawing!
I'll close this contest next Sunday, August 3rd at midnight (CET). Then I'll let C. do the drawing on Monday and announce the winner here.

Thank you for participating and GOOD LUCK!

26 Kommentare:

Ute (durbanville) hat gesagt…

Dear Nicole,

I have found you via dawanda and I have to say I really like your shops. Please don't change anything. In these days is a little bit hard to sell anything, because everyone went on holidays. So be patient ...

Greetings from Munich Ute.

Erna hat gesagt…

Oh that little strawberry bag is sooo cute! your etsy shop looks gorgeous! I read yesterday someone just kept on putting her stuff online like repeating it I mean...I don't have an etsy shop myself but maybe you can figure it out. Love your blog. It's so funny I also missed my blogiversary lately!!!Enjoying your blog daily!

Anonym hat gesagt…

I like your shop - you know that. Love the pouches, Nicole. Hugs, Mette

Roevardotter hat gesagt…


die Idee ist wirklich klasse. Durch das Give away werden die Leute aufmerksam auf den Etsy shop. Den ich wirklich gut gelungen finde.

Die Fotos der Produkte könnten vielleicht noch spezieller plaziert werden. In einem anderen Ambiente. Nicht "nur" auf weißem Hintergrund.

Das Banner hat Wiedererkennungswert. Schließlich ist es auch im Blog zu sehen. Ich selber habe keinen Shop und habe bisher nur geswapt.

Die Informationen auf dem Etsy Shop finde ich sind kurz und knapp also gut auf den Punkt gebracht.

Deine Produkte finde ich eh ganz klasse und toll.

Es macht also immer Spaß im Blog mitzulesen.

Hälsningar Roevardotter

Marlene McGarrity hat gesagt…


I love the pouch and the granny bag in your etsy shop.

I also put a link on my site to yours.


Anonym hat gesagt…

You make such wonderful things... and the tags you put into your pouches etc are just adorable! I think packaging is one important thing when it comes to selling... it's lovely to buy things that are nicely presented.

Keep up the great work!!!


ps. I've seen your work at flickr and just found your blog too... :)

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hey, Back from England and I saw your little... big giveaway ;) I checked out your etsy and the only advice or tip I could give you is maybe add some little trinkets in the 5 dollar range or something like fabric buttons, badges,.... tiny things, since people who don't have a lot of money like to go for stuff like that and it might boost up your sales! I know I'm a trinkets shopper so maybe other people think like me as well ;)

Though your stuff is really fabulous! I love the colours and patterns on your fabrics.

Kaatje (isisanyanka)

Ciyou hat gesagt…

Love the birdy pouch. The way u sew it on the bag.And the color combination too. how I wish I can sew like that. I still have problems in sewing a straight line.

Maybe you can sew a small pouch(coin purse size/card size) to sell in a lower price to attrack customers. The bigger pouch is abit pricely (I know you are using great material).

Just my thoughts. Hope it helps

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hey Nicole,

I saw your post on flickr! Great that you're doing this! I took a peek at your etsy and I just LOVE the bird pouches you made! So pretty! As for advice, well you know I just started out too, so I am in the same boat. But I have taken a look at your felties and I love small plushies and I think the mushroom is just the right size to be just a plush. But Pudding pal as he's so small needs a direct use. So if you give the little guy a brooch or a cell charm strap he'll be even more appealing for people to buy :)

Good luck! You have an amazing style and hope you make lots of sales!

xoxo Tarah

Anonym hat gesagt…

Happy Blogoversary my far away friend! I LOVE your shop, the fabric, the colors... all of it. I'm thinking your pouch may be a little too expensive. Although I love them and want one for myself! I've had to drop prices on my dresses quite a few times myself. I hope this helps! :)

VeganCraftastic hat gesagt…

Happy Bloggy Anniversary! I love your shop, your handmade items look very professional with the nametags and everything. You have a lovely color sense!

Unknown hat gesagt…

Hi Nicole,
had deinen blog und shop durch flickr gefunden ( bei carve your stamps...;-). Ich finde es sieht alles sehr ansprechend un professionell aus.Ich bin ehrlich auch am rätseln was man noch besser machen kann. manchmal denke ich es liegt an den hohen Versendekosten...? Aber die sind nun mal so hoch aus Dtl...falls Du es raus findes, was es ist, würde ich es auch gerne wissen...,-)

Mymsie hat gesagt…

From looking at your store, I can only say you make adorable crafts! I especially love your bird pouches. :)

suesser knopf hat gesagt…

hi, i have been visiting your blog often and never left a note. i think that you're doing everything really well. i don't have an etsy shop so i don't really have any experience. i like your pics. they show all the little details and i think your descriptions are short and accurate. unfortunately i don't know what to do better. maybe it doesn't need any changing. just a little time to develop on its own. wish you luke and i will go on enjoying your blog. erika

torrance hat gesagt…

personally I think that your wonderful shop needs some little items that would cost around 5-10dollars. I think that it's easier to buy something cheap like that, and if someone buys the little items and likes them, they will most likely come back for more expencive stuff too :)


Anonym hat gesagt…

Ich lese nun schon seit Wochen eifrig deinen Blog und bin dir für die vielen Ideen und Inspiration so dankbar! Du nähst so präzise und einfach wunderschön! Du suchst auch wirklich immer wunderschöne Stoffe aus. Die Form des Vogels ist wirklich zu niedlich!
Ich denke nicht, dass du viel ändern solltest! Ich finde, dass dein Shop sehr gut gestaltet ist. Aber ich selbst nähe nur für Freunde und habe deshalb keine Erfahrung mit Etsy! Du könntest deinen Artikeln vielleicht individuellere Namen und Beschreibungen geben, zum Beispiel kleine Gegenstände als Glücksbringer, Tränentrockner oder Tapferkeitsspender verkaufen! Dann kann man sie gut zu bestimmten Anlässen verschenken!
Der Erdbeerstoff ist so schön! Ich denke schon, dass sich für deine Sachen noch Käufer finden werden! Das braucht vielleicht einfach noch ein bisschen Zeit :)
Liebe Grüße,

ikkinlala hat gesagt…

I like your shop!

For now, while everything fits on one page, it is great the way it is. If you add much more stuff I'd like to suggest having sections (for bags, stuffed toys, etc.), because that's one thing that I find makes shopping on Etsy a lot easier.

Shanda hat gesagt…

Hi Nicole!
Wow~nothing like a giveaway to get people to comment, right?
As for advice, the only thing I can think of if is to offer some cheaper items and when people see the quality of your work in person they will return for the more expensive things. You are an amazing talent! Keep it up!

Anonym hat gesagt…

like most people here, i'm really struggling to find anything to offer constructive criticism about! the things you make are truly beautiful and the presentation/finish of them seems to be perfect. i would agree that you might benefit from making a few cheaper little items, though. i think people are often hesitant about spending more than a few dollars on something they can only see in photographs, but i'm sure that if you made a few quick little items for about $5 or so then people would get a taste for your work and come back for more. :)

Anonym hat gesagt…

oops. i'm not sure if that last post of mine went through with my url attached.
it's hey spøkelse from flickr in case you were wondering who on earth i am! x

Anonym hat gesagt…

You already have lots of great suggestions here but I'll give you mine anyway. Can't resist the chance to win something you have made! ;-)

I love your Etsy shop! I might just be a future customer! :)
One idea I had is to maybe add some info to your top banner or a the top of the page. Something that immediately says what it is you do... like: "Süßstoff - I sew goodies for you". I'm not the best at writing slogans but you get my point. ;-)

I also think maybe it's a good idea to add some smaller items matching the more expensive ones. People are more likely to grab one of those as well if they are already ordering something. More sales!

An hey, where's Pog? I figured he'd be featured in his very own series of stuff. The Pog pouch, the Pog make up bag etc. ;-)

Thanks for having this fun giveaway! I always enjoy seeing what you make.

//Em (emsan)

Robin hat gesagt…

I really love your shop...and have no advise to offer, you have such a great eye for the fabrics you choose.

Unknown hat gesagt…

Happy Anniversary blog post !!!!!! 150 WAOW !!! Amazing !! I wish you to have 1.000.000 more ;-) Even if I'm not as much present as I'd like I wanted to send you a HUGE WARM HUG !!

Lucie *Rosenrot* kreativ hat gesagt…

ich finde deinen shop auch sehr schön und ansprechend, muss aber auch sagen, dass günstigere Lockangebote eine gute Idee sind. Außerdem finde ich die Idee mit den idividuelleren Namen ganz toll, denn das macht neugierig oder weckt das Bedürfnis, genau das Teil haben zu wollen.
Ansonsten, mach einfach weiter so, auch mit deinem Blog, ich lese immer gerne bei dir.

Anonym hat gesagt…

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Anonym hat gesagt…

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