23. Dezember 2008

School's out for...

the holidays! Yay! I didn't think I would be so exausted after just 7 weeks but I am. And I really hope the reason for that is that it was all really new for me because I know the following weeks will probably be way more work intensive.
Oh well, I'll just wait and see. Until then I'll enjoy my days off and our little trip to the Baltic Sea!I finally managed to take some more pictures (first I had forgotten my camera and then the next week I had left the memory card at home).
I think this little town is just so sweet and I love my water mill! Coming home to it on sunny days really makes me happy. I can't wait to use my balcony!
See the 2 windows at the top? In front of the right one is my huge balcony and the pond is right across the street.Spring! I'm so looking forward to spring! And that's three more months? Oh no!
(Note to self: Stop thinking about spring and finally get in the mood for Christmas and winter!!!)

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emve hat gesagt…

Must be great to have some time off!