3. Dezember 2007

In the mood!

I didn't really find any time to decorate our house for Christmas yet. Our house is in fact a mess. All I managed to do so far was sew some little cedar chips filled hearts and only because I had to. I still owe someone one of these and my guilt finally got so strong that I couldn't ignore it any longer. I figured if I had to get my sewing machine out anyway I could make a couple more...
I took some of them to Johanna when I visited her and got in the mood for Christmas right away. Her place looks wonderful and I used the chance to take a pic of the hearts with her decoration.

Johanna also had baked some yummy cookies which we enjoyed while crafting a bit. These are so delicious!

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YowlYY hat gesagt…

Awww....lovely! I can almost smell these "Plaetzchen"!! This is, accidentally, what I also miss most at Christmas time, as the English do not do "Weihnachtsgebaeck" somehow ;-), and on the other hand, during my stay in Germany, I never did Plaetzchen, as everyone was always busy baking some and I ended up with being at the receiving end...no no, I am not complaining, LOL!