5. Dezember 2007

Let it snow!

(Well, maybe not today, but after the 17th when I will be done with my exams for this year.)
I sent out two swap packages on Monday, one to the US and one to Italy. I hope the one to Italy will reach my pal within this week and I hope my US package will make the deadline which is 12/31. The woman at the post office couldn't tell me how long it will take. I will check on the internet, but just to make sure something will reach my pal in the US on time I'm also sending out a letter with these two coasters and a little knitting related surprise.
I bought the mistletoe trim just a week ago when I saw it in a store and just had to have it, even though it was kind of very expensive. I bought only one metre of it, not knowing what I wanted to do with it until I came across some coasters in one of my Japanese magazines. Could it be put to any better use? I don't think so. Using the trim this way means I only need a tiny piece of it for each coaster. Now I think there's enough of it left for quite a few more...
Btw: See my little piggy? So I put up some decoration here too now.

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Charlie Chuckles hat gesagt…

I have really enjoyed looking at your sewing projects, they are fab!

I used to sew a lot as a child but have not got back into it yet - I bought a sewing machine and I have loads of fabric but somehow I am nervous about picking it up again!! Perhaps it should be one of my New Year Resolutions for 2008!

By the way. I think I have visited your hometown! About 12 years ago when I was part of a youth theatre group exchange - Is there a nightclub in the woods called the Night Owl or the Barn Owl and a pub in the centre called the KoutureHaus?!!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Lovely little coasters and the ribbon is divine!

Love the piggy in the background too!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hi Nicole,
it is all so pretty. I love your stuff and the ribbon is absolutely worth it (Hanna told me the price...)
Schoene Adventszeit!