10. Dezember 2007

Thank you, Charlie!

What is this pretty yarn and where did you get it from you wonder? (Well, actually you can see that on the cute tag, if you look at it closely, but still...)

This is some amazing Purl City Yarn and I got it from the Secret Knitting Swap - Europe which I joined a couple of weeks ago. My upstream partner is Charlie Chuckles from Purl City in England and therefore the maker of Purl City Yarns herself! Guess what! I didn't get "just" one skein... no, I got 8 and lots and lots of other things too! Can you believe it?
It was so much it didn't fit all inside the box, so Charlie had to come up with some wild packaging construction. Look at all my treasures!
Maybe you need to hop over to flickr to see a larger version with some notes, so you can a have a better look.
Here's a close up of the other colorway of Purl City Yarn I got. This one is called Cool Water. (The one at the top is Stormy Sea.) Both are cotton blends and both are absolutely gorgeous.
I got six chocolate bars! All Green & Black's which I'd tried before when I visited Sofia in London and which tastes super yummy! All different varieties. Which one should I try first?
Look at these lovely beads! I love red these days...

Thank you so much for everything, Charlie! You went above and beyond everything I was expecting. Really, you shouldn't have send so much!

I love the "domiknitrix" book. The Jughead Hat is probably the first thing I'm going to knit once I'm done with my fingerless gloves. On the other hand I also saw some very cute patterns in the magazines and the calendar as well... it's going to be hard to decide what will come first. I've been admiring the knit.1 for quite a while now and I'm very happy I finally have one of my own (in my opinion so much better than Rebecca!).
The stitch markers and the row counter will be put to good use, just like the cat fabric (which I forgot to take a picture of btw).

Now I need to get back to my books and I think your roibos and some Love Hearts will accompany me...Edited to add this picture with a little message to Charlie!

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Hi Nicole,

Hach,all die netten Photos und Du schreibst so nett!

Fuehle mich geehrt, erwaehnt zu werden. Hoffe, Du kommst bald wieder nach London!?