27. Dezember 2008

It's already over?!

We had a good time! We spent Christmas Eve at my parent's, had some yummy dinner and ice cream. The non vegan kind looked pretty good......but I'm sure the vegan kind tasted way better (especially with the green jello)! We played some games and exchanged gifts (I got a new lens for my camera and a flash!)
We drove to C's parents on the 25th. Had some yummy lunch, played with the remote controlled dragonfly my sister in law had given to her boyfriend, ate some cake, drank coffee and left for our little trip to Zingst at the coast. Went for a walk, had to watch the (traditional) Christmas diving......couldn't wait for the divers to recover the hidden treasure because it was so freezing cold.
Met part of C's family who came to visit us and went window shopping through the town.Ended the day with some good pizza and seabuckthorn glogg (Sanddorn-Glühwein).

2 Kommentare:

emve hat gesagt…

Sounds like you had a nice christmas! I like seeing your photos :o)

Süßstoff hat gesagt…

Thanks, Em! Yes, I had a good time though it didn't feel much like Christmas! I don't really know why I didn't get in the mood this year.

I'm glad to hear (and see) that you had a good time too!