23. Dezember 2008

My secret pal!

My secret pal sent me a Christmas gift and I couldn't stop myself from opening the package a little early! Look at all the pink goodness!!! She sent pink socks, two sets of pink gloves, pink panda cotton, pink stitch markers, a pink bandana and pink fabric and like that wasn't enough already she also included a book... this one: Oh my goodness! All the little softy friends in there are just so adorable! I love the dog, the zebra, the pig and not to forget the little panda:And all the others are awfully cute too. I feel like going through all my socks and gloves right now to check which ones I could make.
Unfortunately there are quite a few gifts laying around here which I need to wrap first. And then our house needs a bit of cleaning. Plus I'll have to bake a cake tomorrow which we can take to my parents in law on the 25th. We'll visit them first and then drive on to the little hotel at the coast where we'll stay for two days. I'm so looking forward to some peace and quiet with C. that the softy friends will have to wait a couple of days...

I just now realized that I never posted about the other fabulous gift I received from my secret pal! She sent me a iTunes gift card for my birthday. And I got myself the Peter Fox album. Here's one of my favourite songs:

2 Kommentare:

Liz hat gesagt…

I have Sock and Glove too and I just love it. I've only made the dog and the elephant.Your panda is too cute.

Süßstoff hat gesagt…

Thanks Liz but unfortunately that isn't MY panda. Well, hopefully soon I'll have my own.
The dog and the elefant are on my to-do-list as well. I should check your blog now to see yours!