8. November 2008


It's a big fat YAY! My first week at school was really really great. The kids are just awesome and all of the other teachers were really sweet and helpful. A very good start I'd say. I'm looking forward to the next weeks and the start of the seminar so I can meet all my fellow trainee teachers again and find out who's living close by.
That is the only thing I'm not so happy about right now. I feel pretty lonely after school! I miss the cats, C., my friends and parents a lot! Hopefully it won't be so bad anymore once I have my phone and internet access. Possibly Monday it will all be fixed.My little appartment starts to look really nice now. My parents came over for a quick visit and my dad installed all the lamps. A few more pictures on the wall and a few more accessories from home and I'll be all done. I'll show you then! For now I'll show you the view from my bathroom window:Aren't the geese the cutest?! There are also a couple of ducks and I love their cackling and quacking especially when they wake up.I can't wait for spring. The first of the two buildings is the registry office and I think I'll be able to watch some beautiful weddings... from my balcony which offers an even better view to the little pond.

(The cupcakes are Banana Split Cupcakes from VCTOTW. Yum! I made three different kinds in total figuring it couldn't hurt to take them to school for my new colleagues.)

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emve hat gesagt…

It is a big YAY!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Liebe Nicole,
ich freue mich so für Dich, dass es Dir in der Schule gefällt. Und der hübsche Ausblick!! Ganz toll - und der Rest kommt bestimmt auch noch ;-))
Herzliche Grüße

Süßstoff hat gesagt…

Yes, it is, Em!!!

Vielen lieben Dank, Karin! Ja, ich bin wirklich sehr zufrieden... bis auf ein paar Kleinigkeiten und da hoffe ich auch sehr, dass sich noch etwas ergibt.
In den Ferien komme ich spätestens mal in den Laden. Ich hab eindeutig Stoffentzug!