24. Juni 2007

Copy cat!

After last weeks "disaster" I actually did no sewing at all. All I did was eating chocolate (I'm quite good at that!). Until today I didn't feel like sewing at all. Well, maybe I felt like looking at a completed project, but I couldn't get myself to get started. Instead I looked at all my favorite blogs and admired the beautiful things I found. shim + sons had this gorgeous baby onesies and I totally fell for those. So when I was at a H&M the other day, I bought a couple of shirts and today I finally made something!
At first I had to - in some way - copy the ones I saw on shim+sons. I didn't dare to only stitch round the pears by hand so instead I used my sewing machine.
After I finished the pears I remembered a very cute design of a bird I'd seen in a Japanese magazine. The idea with the little heart is also not my own. I don't remember where it's from though. I usually just draw things I really like into my little notebook without writing down where it's from. So, I'm really sorry, if I didn't give someone credit who came up with great idea originally!

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