12. Juni 2007


Ages ago I saw a strawberry pincushion on another blog (I don't remember which one). It had a link to the pattern. (I am noticing just now that I need to check out how to put a link here!) I wanted to make one right away, but I had no emery and so I forgot all about it. Then just a couple of weeks ago I found a pattern for a scented fabric strawberry in "Tildas hus", a Norwegian sewing book. There were lots of other nice things in it, too and therefore I bought it. Of course the strawberry is the first thing I made. I'm not sure if I got all the instructions right, but I like how it came out anyway.

Oh, and this is a glimpse of something top secret! I'll show "it" in a couple of weeks.

I just realized that in fact I actually do seem to like red more than I thought. I was all wrong when I said I don't feel drawn to red fabric because there is lots of it in my stash!

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