7. Juni 2007

Yeah! + Oh well!

Yeah! I can do it! So I finally found a quicker way to post more pictues at once. Not using flickr the way I planned, but it works just fine. So this is a kerchief (?) I made for the little daughter of my friend. It has been my second try to make one which will fit her nicely, but it still doesn't! The pattern (if you can really call that a pattern) was from a japanese magazine and they too only had a picture of it lying on a table - no child wearing it. Now I know why. The "construction" is all wrong! But luckily my friend has now bought a kerchief that fits her daughter really well and I can see where I need to improve the fitting... and it is so easy. Great! I will make lots of those! And then the only problem that we will still have to solve is, how to keep that little girl from pulling it down everytime we try to put it on.

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