26. Juni 2007


I finally started another attempt to sew the diaper pouch and it worked out just fine. I'm really relieved. I checked all my Japanese magazines for another similar pattern and finally found one. The rest was sort of easy peasy. I mean there is still something to improve, but I hope no one notices.
So, here it is my first (real) diaper pouch! Btw:It matches one of the granny bags and together they will soon become a set.
What's next?! There are three more bags on my list plus one pair of trousers for a little baby boy. I'm also thinking of at least three skirts. One for my mom and one for my friend (they both look very good in any kind of skirt and wear them a lot) and I'm thinking about sewing one for myself. Not sure about that though. I usually never wear skirts and don't feel really comfortable in them, but maybe I should give it another try with the summer still lying ahead of us. The pattern sure looks nice and by now I should be able to make some changes to it, if it doesn't fit me the way I want it to.
Other than that there are still the kerchiefs on my list and bibs... (I really want to make those!)I'm just realizing that my list could go on and on, but I won't write down anymore because I could scare myself of.

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