24. Oktober 2007

Sewing and knitting united!

A while ago I asked Chan if she could recommend a good knitting book that would provide the basics. I do have a German one, but now that I'm on Ravelry I wanted to be able to understand English patterns as well. I'm really glad I asked Chan, because her recommendation was "Stitch 'n Bitch" and this is a great book! I don't think I will use many of the patterns provided, but I really like the explanations and all the helpful tips, plus it's such a fun read.The first thing I wanted to do, after I had flipped through the book, was getting my needles organized. So I got them all out and sorted them by size and filled out the needle tracker copy I had made from the book (Great idea!). After I was done with that it didn't feel right to cram all the dpn's back into my ugly storage box, where they would easily be messed up again. Instead I decided to sew a needle case. There is a pattern for one like this inside "Stitch 'n Bitch", but that one is for single-pointed straight needles (and I don't have many of those - I actually don't like them that much). Therefore I had to make some adjustments to the size. I cut the outside fabric and the inside surface fabric for the roll 26" wide and 11" long. For the inside needle holder I used a 26" x 13" piece and folded it in half, so it would measure 26" x 6,5". I also didn't attach a flap, because I was too lazy and I don't think I'll carry my case around much, so falling out needles hopefully won't be a problem. (And should it become one, I can still add that.)If you don't have the book and want to make a needle case anyway, you can follow Pink Chalk's great tutorial for the super cute pencil roll instead!See my lonely bamboo needles? I inherited all the other needles from my great-grandmother and grandmother. They obviously prefered metal.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

I wish I would (and could for that matter) knit as well just so it would make sense to own such a beautiful needle case myself.

God, Nicole you are so good!