12. Oktober 2007

Some good things have happened!

First of all: I passed my first oral exam last Tuesday. It was actually not that big of a deal, if I might say so now. I hope the next five will be just as "nice".

On the same day I had my exam, my swap partner from Vegan Pal 2 got her package. I can now reveal that I was lucky enough to get the fabulous Chan as my downstream partner. She sent me the nicest thank-you-mail you can imagine and I'm really happy she liked everything I put in her package. I sure hope we'll stay in contact now that the swap is over since I think we have a lot in common and Chan is such a great person. (If you want to know what I sent her exactly you can find it out here in Chan's very sweet description!)

So this swap has already been so much fun for me and very rewarding, but there's more. Yesterday Isabelle aka Tricotine posted on Vegan Pal 2 that she made the decision to go "Veg", following this...

How cool is that? You need to go and check out her blog, where she explains why she is doing it and where you'll find some helpful links in case you decide to give the pledge a try yourself. If you already are a "Veg" it would certainly be nice if you'd go there too to give her some support! I can not wait to see where this is going and how many other people are going to join her!

What else? I received my invite from Ravelry (My name there will be - who could have guessed it - "suessstoff".) I haven't uploaded anything yet and actually there isn't that much I could upload, but it's fun to check out all the patterns and projects. I certainly can understand how you can spend hours at that place.

And last but not least: Tomorrow Johanna and I will be off to do some shopping at Charlotta's. I can't wait! I have so many things on my list which I want to sew during the next few days.

So see you tomorrow for some pictures of beautiful fabrics!


(Another great thing I saw at Tricotine's blog. Spell with flickr. )

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SissySees hat gesagt…

Congrats on Ravelry! I'm ChanKnits there.

I so wish I could join Tricotine, but the timing is such that I know I would feel stressed... Instead, I'm just going to focus on being mindful about what I choose to eat, and if something doesn't "feel" right, I won't eat it.

Have a great shopping trip, and never fear, we shall stay in touch!