2. Oktober 2007

Some frogging and a beautiful cat!

I started to knit another hat. This one was supposed to be for the little son of my friend in Norway. Unfortunately it will be way too big. I was thinking of keeping it for myself, but I don't have a jacket that would go with it. Strangely enough this is the first time I don't mind frogging and starting over. I usually hate to do it and I think I hardly ever did. Maybe this one is different, because these hats are so quickly to do and I can look for a more interesting pattern as well. Stripes are fine, but I want something a bit more challenging.

And just because:Isn't he the prettiest cat ever (I mean except for our other cat)? Can you believe that nobody wanted him when he was little?
Juri and his two sisters came to us through an animal rights group I was volunteering for at the time. They were only supposed to stay at our place until we found permanent homes for them. A lot of people came to look at them and some fell in love with his two sisters, but nobody ever wanted Juri. After about a year (we had some other foster cats then, too) I started to really hate people for not realizing that they were passing up the most wonderful and gentle cat in the world. It was then that we decided to keep him forever and we are so glad we did. Juri, we love you!

3 Kommentare:

torrance hat gesagt…

you take good looking pictures!
that is a very pretty cat! (but I'm sorry to say, my mom's cat is cuter ;))

Süßstoff hat gesagt…

Thanks torrance (for the compliment on my pictures)!

You might have to prove the rest though ;)

Unknown hat gesagt…

What a gorgeous pic of Juri! He's handsome!