15. Februar 2008

Is this shabby chic?

I don't really have a clue. But still this was inspired by one of my favorite Japanese crafting magazines "Café Special Vol. 2, Linen & Cotton" and Hannah's description "Think French shabby chic - cabbage roses, polka dots, stripes, duck-egg blues, light pinks etc.". When I saw the rose fabric at Charlotta's I had to have it. Not just for the coasters but because I found it irresistible - and I'm not usually a big fan of rose fabrics. This is different. Obviously a few other people thought so too, because it's already gone. Too bad I didn't buy more of this gorgeous Lecien fabric! Now I will be really stingy with the rest of it.
I just hope Hannah will get close to being as happy with this as I am with the lovely goodies she sent.

7 Kommentare:

torrance hat gesagt…

I don't think it's shabby chic. More cutie chic ;) (yup, that's a thing now..)
I have to admid that your super-sute-girly-stuff appeals to me :D

Unknown hat gesagt…

Shabby chic or not this is cute-cute-cute ;-) Tons of smooches from Belgium ;-) (Sandrine alias Didine from your Flickr contact !!)

Anonym hat gesagt…

I love this fabric too. I think I will have to order some.

Katherine hat gesagt…

I'm in love. That fabric is gorgeous!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Oh mein Gott, die sind sooo suess!! Ich bin echt neidisch! Die Kombination von Stoffen ist einfach hinreissend. Du hast wirklich einen tollen Geschmack! Hanna (leider ohne "h")

Anonym hat gesagt…

Ich finde es nicht "shabby" im wörtlichen Sinne - aber meiner Meinung nach ist es definitiv Shabby chic!

Die Stoffe habe ich im Charlottas-Blog gesehen aber was Du daraus gemacht hast ist zauberhaft!

Liebe Grüße,


Ciyou hat gesagt…

I even love this costers, they are so lovely, I love blue.

Your partner are so lucky