4. Februar 2008

Just one quick shot!

That's all I could take, because as usual I waited to the last minute to take pictures and then it was so much more difficult than I expected it to be.
I tried to sew a little red riding hood costume for Hilde's doll and I will have to show you the whole outfit some other day. This is just the little dress. I also made her a pair of pajamas but again no picture. Hmpf.
And before you all ask: No, I did not make the gorgeous doll! I'd love to try again though - once I find some vegan yarn that will make good doll's hair (any ideas?!). Until then I'll just stick with my little version of it... or sew some more clothes for Hilde's.

2 Kommentare:

Steffi hat gesagt…

wow, my grandma used to collect and make dolls like that, you just warped me 15 years back in time!

YowlYY hat gesagt…

The doll is gorgeous!! I don't know what could make good vegan hair, but I'd try some soy silk rowing, or bamboo rowing. Just an idea!