17. Februar 2008

Party time!

Yesterday I finally got to meet with my friends and celebrated the end of my time at the university. We had dinner at my place first and then went bowling.
I decided that we needed prizes and I knew very early what they should be, but as usual waited to the last minute to sew the little pouches. I made different ones because I wanted to try and meet everybody's preferences. I think it worked out pretty well. At least I hope everybody was happy with what they ended up with.I always spend a lot of time with making up my mind and when I found somebody to help me with that, I figured my friends would appreciate a little decision maker as well: Unazukins were put into the bags along with a few treats.I had so much fun yesterday! Thank you, J., J., K. and P. for being such awesome friends!

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Ich danke DIR fuer den netten Abend und die tollen Preise! Kuss, Hanna