1. Februar 2008

Oh my!

Today I received the most amazing package from the wonderful Hannah! We had tagged each other on the swap-bot forum before and I received something so extremely cute that I started to stalk her and after just a short while I asked her if she would do a private swap with me in such a very clever way (haha) that she couldn't decline and then actually said she would get the better deal. Now this is so funny because she hasn't received my swap yet and now that I hold hers in my hands I can say that this won't happen. I'm not able to top it, but look for yourself:I received all of the above even though we had only agreed to swap ONE mushroom pendant!Everything was wrapped beautifully with little extra notes.She made this pendant first but wasn't sure I'd like it... (I know! She's crazy!)She then made this blue one but still wasn't sure I'd like it. (So funny!)
So she made me a THIRD! Hannah, you silly! I love them all and can't even say which one would be my favorite!

But like that wasn't enough Hannah also gave me these gorgeous buttons (which I had admired on flickr before - were she said she'd send these out for a swap and I got all jealous):Then I also got a cupcake tea towel... ... and a cute little cupcake candle.Now I don't know how to thank you, Hannah! I really wish you'll just get close to being as happy about what I'll send you as I'm now with all my new lovely things. Thank you soooo much!

3 Kommentare:

Steffi hat gesagt…

what a lovely swap! swapbot is really addictive, isn't it?

Süßstoff hat gesagt…

It sure is! And I have been so lucky with what I received every time so far - so that of course makes that addiction only worse!

Ciyou hat gesagt…

u are such a lucky gal. always have so good parcel to recieve. I hope that I was as lucky as you