26. Februar 2008

DIY: Farfalle!

I think HABA makes very nice things for a children's grocery store, but when I saw the price of a small bag of farfalle made of felt I thought it was kind of ridiciulous! Then I figured I could make something similar quite easily. And it really was a piece of cake! Hilde and I eat them daily now. Simply cut little rectangular pieces out of felt. Use a zig zag scissor for the shorter edges. Fold them lengthwise. Stitch them together in the middle. Done!
You could make them three-colored as well (just like the HABA ones!), but Hilde and I prefer the whole wheat variety. If you use the fabulous Rainbow Classicfelt from the Kunin Group you'll have vegan farfalle and real Italian noodles should be vegan of course. (Oh yes, I didn't eat the cat and am still vegan - I figured it would be the right thing to do.)
And just because it's cute. Hilde featuring the cupcake shirt I made her a while ago. Desserts are a must!

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Aren't you clever!? I was wondering how you were doing... ;)