17. Februar 2008

Thank you, Mette!

I received a wonderful swap package from Mette aka Erleperle yesterday. When I opened it, I found an amazingly pretty box and inside were lots and lots of lovely things. A little chocolate bar was gone before I could take a picture. I don't understand how that could happen, but yeah, it seams to become a habbit.
Mette says she was in spring mood when she finished my package. I think it shows and it makes me so happy 'cause I'm really looking forward to spring. Lots of happy colors for happy projects.

Thank you oh so much, Mette!

2 Kommentare:

Anonym hat gesagt…

I'm glad you like it, Nicole. I like the retro flowers so much!

Süßstoff hat gesagt…

Yes, that's wonderful, but so is the one with the polka dots and the other two are great also!