15. Juni 2008

Lusk, WY - Spearfish, SD - Cody, WY

Day 10:
Had to make up for the lost time, drove along a very scenic road at first, saw a badger, a marmot and lots of deer, then took I25 up north until we left it to go to Lusk where we found a cute little motel with the friendliest receptionist in the world, did some laundry.

Day 11:
Started the day rather early.C. went for a jog while I got to read MS Living, drove to Wind Cave National Park, took a guided tour, but were more amazed by the bisons, prairie dogs and pronghorns.Drove to Mt. Rushmore N.M., were not as impressed as we imagined (at least I wasn't, maybe because I was still so hyped that I had seen a bison up close...).Drove to Crazy Horse, watched the movie at the visitor center, explored the park, wondered if we will still be alive when it gets finished.Ended the day in Spearfish.

Day 12:
Started the day with a trip to Devils Tower N.M., walked all around it, watched the rock climbers, decided that we would never dare to try something like that, took lots of pictures (Can you spot C. in this one?)Saw hundreds of super cute prairie dogs, finally could take a picture of one of them (I think a pregnant one).Drove all the way to Cody, didn't think of all the mountains we'd have to pass, were quite exhausted when we finally got there.

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