10. Juni 2008

St. George, UT - Tropic, UT

Day 4:
Left the hotel, drove to a big outlet mall, bought a hat for me and some sunglasses for C., drove to Valley of Fire State Park, were amazed by the beautiful colors, enjoyed the perfect weather, were a bit annoyed by an air-condition someone kept running in their sedan while attending a wedding inside the park (which made this otherwise peaceful place to a noisy one).Took a little hike, could still hear the air-conditon, tried to ignore it, took lots of pictures, saw a few more lizards, drove to St. George, UT, called it a day.

Day 5:
Drove to Zion National Park, parked the car, took the shuttle bus all the way to the last stop, walked the Riverside Walk along with lots of other people, saw quite few of these little guys:Water level was too high to walk to the Narrows, rested a bit, walked back to the bus stop, took another short hike, enjoyed the scenery, returned to the car.Drove to Bryce Canyon National Park, arrived there just before sunset, drove to Sunset Point and watched the sun go down in the most amazing setting ever.Drove to Tropic and decided to go back to Bryce Canyon the next day.

3 Kommentare:

Ranunkel hat gesagt…

Erst einmal: Herzlichen Glückwunsch und alles Gute zu Eurer Hochzeit!

Bei den Fotos schwelge ich in Erinnerungen. In etwa die gleiche Tour habe ich vor ca. 15 Jahren gemacht - allerdings ohne Hochzeit (Gott sei Dank :O))))

Der Bryce Canyon NP war für mich der allerschönste, gleich danach der Zion NP.

Ich bin schon auf die nächsten Bilder gespannt.


Beti Copetti hat gesagt…

Wonderful place!!! Amazing!

Süßstoff hat gesagt…

@Ranunkel: Vielen Dank! DIe Reise war wirklich großartig. Bei mir kommt vor Bryce noch Yellowstone (vor allem wegen der ganzen Tiere!). Ach schade, dass es schon vorbei ist.

@beti: It is!!!