15. Juni 2008

Yellowstone N.P., WY - Coeur D'Alene, ID

Day 13:
Drove to the east entrance of Yellowstone, got really exited when we saw our first bisons just a few miles into the park (they were walking right in the middle of the street and seemed to be in no hurry at all!).Got even more exited when we saw a black bear with her two cubs just a couple minutes later (this really made my day and Yellowstone became my very favorite park right then), took a short hike at Mud Volcano.Explored the park a bit more, were stunned by the scenery and the wildlife, decided we wanted to spend the night inside the park, were lucky enough to get a little cabin at Lake Village, saw more bisons.Went to check when Old Faithful Geyser would have its next eruption, came to find out it would be just a couple more minutes, headed towards the viewpoint and off it went:Decided it was time to go and look at our cabin, drove down the road, saw lots of cars parking on the sideway, went to check what that was all about, saw a grizzly with her two cubs:Watched them for a long time while they were playing and eating gras, finally had to leave, couldn't believe we had actually been this lucky, drove to the cabin and got settled and ready for bed (while I reminded C. every other minute that we had seen bisons, black bears and grizzlies all in one day until we finally fell asleep).

Day 14:
Enjoyed the park some more. Wanted to stay forever but couldn't, drove all the way to Coeur D'Alene, wanted to check into a nice hotel but decided against it when we heard the rate, found another not so fancy place and enjoyed it just the same.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Yellowstone is awesome. We loved it too when we visited a few years ago.