26. Juni 2008

San Francisco, CA - Oakdale, CA - Mammoth Lake, CA

Day 20:
Took a little walk at the beach of Mendocino.Looked at all the gorgeous gardens.Would have liked to spend another day but started to get scared we wouldn't make it back to L.A. on time, drove along the winding coast (I got car sick!) until we reached San Francisco.Had been there 9 years ago, remembered it all very differently, didn't like our hotel at all (even though it was sooooo much better than the first time - why is it so hard for us to find a nice hotel there when that wasn't a problem ANYWHERE else?!), went to Fisherman's Wharf and Chinatown.

Day 21:
Went to the Japan Center (awesome!), did some shopping (at Sweet Papery!!! Where I bought all the materials to make our own wedding anouncements, which I'll tell you more about soon), had some pizza, left the city and drove all the way to Oakdale so our next stop could be Yosemite N.P.

Day 22:
Had been warned by our book that it might be crowded at Yosemite but the receptionist of our hotel told us that this wasn't true especially not in May, had high expectations concerning wildlife viewing, reached the park and realized that our book was right once again: way too many people for my taste and probably because of that NO animals (not for us that is), instead some beautiful landscapes.Lots of wonderful viewpoints.Didn't feel like freezing temperatures, snow and ice anymore at all, left the park at the east entrance, took a short trip to Mono Lake where it was really stormy, were met by a seagull which agreed to be my model so I could try out the new lense we had bought.Drove to Mammoth Lake, found a hotel and hoped for sunshine for the rest of the trip.

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You get around! I've been bugging my husband, telling him that your trip is our next trip. I wanna go....